Leather… the inside story:

To put the story into words is rather like engraving the collected works of Shakespeare on a pin head. Perhaps it’s sufficient to say:

  • If you’re fashionably aware… then it’s LEATHER for you.
  • If it’s quality and style you’re after… then it’s LEATHER for you.

If it’s all these things plus choice and value… then it’s “Radford Leather Fashions”, the Midlands’ Leading Leather and Sheepskin Specialists.

You will find the finest selection of quality leathers in the Midlands… and possibly the UK.

We carry an extensive range of gents’ and ladies’ leather clothing in an array of colours and all sizes, including a made-to-measure service.

We stock leather coats, jackets, bike leathers, waistcoats, trousers and skirts, together with a selection of gift items.

We now stockĀ a range of quality Bike Leathers.

So… “For special leathers at special prices… go to Radford Leather, Radford Leather Fashions.”


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